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Understanding English tenses is the key to using English grammar correctly. Each verb tense has its own function and it’s important to understand the difference between each one. Use this verb tenses table to learn all the different verb forms in English. If you want to print the table, there is a link at the bottom of the page. We recommend conjugation.io for English verb conjugations.

Affirmative Negative Question/Interrogative
1. Past Simple I liked the beach I didn't like the beach Did you like the beach?
2. Present Simple I like the beach I don't like the beach Do you like the beach?
3. Future Simple I will like the beach I wont like the beach Will you like the beach?
4. Past Continuous was drinking orange juice wasn't drinking orange juice  Were you drinking orange juice?
5. Present Continuous I am drinking orange juice I'm not drinking orange juice Are you drinking orange juice?
6. Future Continuous will be drinking orange juice wont be drinking orange juice  Will you be drinking orange juice?
7. Past Perfect had seen the film hadn't seen the film  Had you seen the film?
8. Present Perfect have seen the film haven't seen the film  Have you seen the film?
9. Future Perfect will have seen the film wont have seen the film  Will you have seen the film?
10. Past Perfect Continuous I had been watching TV I hadn't been watching TV Had you been watching TV?
11. Present Perfect Continuous I have been watching TV I haven't been watching TV Have you been watching TV?
12. Future Perfect Continuous I will have been watching TV I wont have been watching TV Will you have been watching TV?
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